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We welcome you!!!. We are situated in Lincoln, Nebraska and our cattery specializes in producing Hybrid felines from our own multi-generational bloodlines.

We have Maine Coon Kittens for sale from exceptional and champion bloodlines. Maine coon giants was established, arranged and began work in 2014.

However, around then, we had no guardian, 1 veterinarian and 2 receptionists.

Over the prior years we have had caretakers and arranged strategies. Now, we have 15 paraprofessional staff, 3 full time veterinarians as well as 1-low help veterinarian.

Since Maine coon giants opened, our attributes have stayed fervent. Our cattery is going on with our objective of keeping up awe- inspiring assistance of our clients while providing genuine pets. We sell Maine coon cats at their top performance and quality.

Our Vision

Maine coon giants has a vision. This vision is to choose the most stunning looking Maine Coon kittens with ideal wellbeing and ably sound personality.

Since our establishment, we have kept up with this particular vision. By so doing, our cattery has managed to breed Maine coon kittens of considerable quality.

Maine Coon Giants: Kitten care area

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