Maine Coons require grooming consistently. How much of this is required depends upon the surface of the fur, the cats age, its way of life, and general wellbeing. Some long covers never tangle, while others can become tangled for the time being. Assuming your feline’s coat is inclined to matting, everyday brushing might be important. In any case, around three times each week ought to do the trick.


  • Begin Grooming young

It’s ideal to begin getting your Maine Coon familiar with grooming at an early age. Proficient custodians and raisers say you can start preparing your cat as young as about two months old enough.

  • Be delicate when you track down mats

Try not to pull on mats. It damages and you might tear your feline’s sensitive skin. All things being equal, utilize a mat splitter to cut the mat into more modest pieces, which you can then eliminate with a brush. I’ve likewise viewed that as in the event that you can get a handle on the hair by the roots and start brushing the mat out from the finish of the hair, it frees some from the aggravation of pulling and permits you to get the mat out a little at a time.

  • Build trust slowly

Not all long haired felines become acclimated to grooming as kittens, in any case, so you might in any case have some work before you when you start preparing an adult Maine Coon cat. Fortunately while you’re familiarizing her with the delight of a decent brushing, you can begin simple. Initially, groom her back first. Felines will more often than not be less focused on when you’re not moving toward weak parts like the paunch. Make certain to compensate her understanding with her #1 treats.

  • Do long-haired cats require hair styles?

The short response is, no. Except your feline has a tangled coat, hair styles are superfluous. Preparing your feline routinely is suggested by your veterinarian for your particular variety.


Grooming long-haired felines require a few specific tools. Most custodians suggest a wire slicker brush, an undercoat brush with a mix of wide and restricted teeth, a better toothed search to go over the undercoat after you utilize the smaller brush, an insect look over for short-furred regions like the head, and a mat splitter. You might have the option to substitute a letter opener like the one displayed here for a mat splitter.

Wire slicker brush: This level, metal brush has little, fine wire bristles that are bowed at a point. Wire slickers will eliminate any free top fur, not the undercoat.

Mat splitter: does exactly what it says. Some of the time mats are unavoidable regardless of the amount you groom your long-haired feline, and should be eliminated for good coat wellbeing.

Metal brushes: Metal brushes have teeth that are far separated are great for holding a thick undercoat back from matting. Brushes eliminate the harder to arrive at underfur.

Delicate bristled brush: It is really great for eliminating soil, flotsam and jetsam, dead skin cells, and free hair from your feline’s jacket. It’s additionally great to use toward the finish of a prepping meeting to disseminate the oils through the coat, which makes it sparkling and smooth.


Strips undercoat like no other. Numerous slicker brushes have sharp closures that can scratch and harm a feline’s sensitive skin. Top notch metal brushes infiltrate profoundly into the coat to eliminate dead hair, bunches, and tangles, without disturbing the skin. Brushing a feline isn’t the most ideal method in eliminating shedding hair and undercoat, and a great deal of the time it simply adds static. Brushes don’t reach down to the skin where the issue might be. However, assuming you choose to brush the feline in any case, I suggest utilizing a delicate fiber brush versus a metal slicker brush. The slicker can scratch the feline’s skin so I don’t utilize them.

TIP: Best Maine Coon brush is a 10″ long, 1 ½ inch pronged greyhound brush


If you do not want your Maine Coon to have a lot of fur, this brush will eliminate a huge piece, particularly with customary use. This double sided matt demolisher highlights 23 treated steel teeth intended to tear through even the densest of tangles. A non-slip ergonomic handle makes it a breeze to detangle your pet’s hair, while adjusted edges shield your little one’s delicate skin from sharp edges. Additionally, Pet Republique will give 15% of all benefits to the American Animal Rescue Society, so each buy you make assists with saving the existence of a canine or feline in need of help.


Use the slicker brush to brush cat trees. it picks up 90% of the hair


The first choice of custodians, breeders, and the individuals who show their pets. It’s an extraordinary initial step to ‘degrease’ the coats of Persian, Himalayan, and Maine Coon felines and long-haired canines. Its advanced equation contains lanolin, glycerin, vitamin E, and aloe vera to more readily treat your creature’s skin. Groomer’s GOOP offers a total line of pet de-greasers, shampoos, conditioners, flush free cleanser wipes, in addition to leave-in molding splash and coat refreshing shower.


Do not use anything in your cat’s eyes that says it gets the red out

Do not use brushes as a daily grooming tool as a brush does not get down deep enough to get those tiny mats. Brushes “fluff” the coat.

Make certain NOT to use Dawn dish soap on a weekly basis because it will cause dryness of the coat and strip color from it. When you use Dawn dish soap, do not apply the soap directly to a wet coat. Preferably dilute it by filling the sink or bathing tub with warm soapy water. Place the cat in the vessel and work the soapy water into the cat’s coat until thoroughly coated. Wash thoroughly, if you think you rinsed enough do it one more time.